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Bangkok Street Food – Part 2 (Khao Kha Moo shops)

A great staple Bangkok Street food for Thai people is Khao Kha Moo. You will find this all over Thailand. Every street has a stall. It is great value, at between 30 to 45 baht (1 to 1.5 USD) a … Continue reading

Bangkok Street Food Part 1

If you find yourself wandering down the Sukhumvit Road after midnight in need of a good feed then head down to the street stalls between soi 7 and soi 15. There are lots of options such as noodles, curry and … Continue reading

Best Bangkok Bargains

There is a growing perception that Bangkok and Thailand is becoming an expensive country. There has been a surge in inflation that has accompanied the continued expansion of the economy since the 1990s. Tourists often seem to get the brunt … Continue reading

Nam Kheang Sai

Nam Kheang Sai means ‘shaved ice’ in Thai. This a traditional Thai desert dating back hundreds of years to the time ice first came to Thailand. That must have been a great moment for Bangkokers as it gets incredibly hot … Continue reading

5 Top Dining Experiences in Bangkok

Got a few days to spend in Bangkok? Wandering where to eat? Well let’s try and steer you in the right direction. Rather than give you 5 specific locations to go to, please allow us to suggest 5 types of … Continue reading

Costs for Hotel Dining in Bangkok recently conducted a survey of hotel food prices around the world. The survey showed that Bangkok came 24th out of 28 countries for price of food. Only Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and Bogota came out on average … Continue reading

Boutique Shopping Suggestions

Boutique shopping is difficult to exactly define. It could be shopping in small shops (boutique means ‘small shop’ in French). It could be a shopping experience that is personalized. And finally it could mean visiting shops that are stylish and … Continue reading

Christmas in Bangkok

Although Thailand is mostly Buddhist, Christmas is a special time in the country. After the monsoon has departed and the city has recouped from the lashings of rain, it is the December peak season that marks the return to normality … Continue reading

What’s it like in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of contrasts and a city of extremes. Some visitors like it, some hate it. None find it boring. This is a city with  vitality, energy and constant movement. Fortunes are made here, and lives ruined in … Continue reading

Quick Guide to Bangkok Accommodation

If you are visiting Bangkok for the first time, as with any city, it can be difficult to work out which part of the city to stay in. This article is designed to be a quick guide. Basically, for tourists … Continue reading