Cool Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok has an amazing number of bars. Thailand, although a Buddhist country, has a cheap and plentiful supply of cold beer. Thai people love going out to eat and drink. It is therefore not surprising that Bangkok has lots of really cool bars. It would be impossible to list all the great bars and pubs in Bangkok. Instead I will limit my list to a view of the stand-out places.

Sky Bar

It is a bit of a cliché, but still a great bar. The movie Hangover 3 featured this uber chic roof top bar. While the movie will soon be forgotten this bar stays in the memory. The island bar changes colour every 90 seconds.

Sky Bar at the Lebua Tower

Sky Bar at the Lebua State Tower

The bar is on top of one of Bangkok’s tallest buildings, the Lebua State Tower. As a consequence the view is amazing. It is also just next to the award winning Sirocco Restaurant.

  • Location of the Sky Bar:

Moon Bar

This bar is 61 floors off the ground. It is credited as the bar that made roof top bars so in vogue. Moon Bar is on the Banyan Tree Hotel roof.

Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel

Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel

This is a sophisticated bar with less of a show-off feel to it than Sky Bar. It is at the end of the roof. It is just a pity that most of the roof space is given over to dining space. This makes Moon Bar better for a sunset drink rather than a place to settle for the night.

  • Location of the Moon Bar:

Nest Rooftop Lounge

This is perhaps the bar with the best design in Bangkok. It is beach loungers and stools with low tables. Only it’s not the beach but at the top of Le Fenix Hotel in Sukhumvit.

Nest Rooftop Bar at Le Fenix Hotel

Nest Rooftop Bar at Le Fenix Hotel

This is a cool bar and a bit of a place to be seen. They have DJs and sometimes live music to keep the cool quotidian high.

  • Location of the Nest Rooftop Lounge:

Hippie De Bar

Hippie de Bar puts the lie to all those ex-pats that prefer Silom and Sukhumvit and who wouldn’t dream of going out for drinks in Khao San. Hippie de Bar is one of the funkiest bars in the capital and it is in backpacker central.

Hippie de Bar on the Khao San Road

Hippie de Bar on the Khao San Road

The furniture and wall decorations are an eclectic assortment. It is big bar spread over 2 levels with outdoor areas as well. It is interesting to just wander around when the place is not busy to just admire the quirky retro make-over.

There are pool tables. The cocktails are nicely strong and the music is not so loud you can’t talk.

  • Location of Hippie de Bar

Cheap Charlie’s

Cool bars don’t have to be on a rooftop of a hotel and sell expensive drinks. Cheap Charlie’s is a Bangkok institution. It is just a small shack in the heart of the red light area of Sukhumvit. You sit out on the street, drink cheap beer and soak up the lively and colourful atmosphere.

Cheap Charlie's off the Sukhumvit Road

Cheap Charlie’s off the Sukhumvit Road

You can find Cheap Charlie’s on Soi 11 off the Sukhumvit Road No reservations required. No dress code.

  • Location of the Cheap Charlie’s:


Telephone is the most famous gay bar in Bangkok. It’s on Soi 4, just off Silom Road.

Telephone is Bangkok's Most Famous Gay Bar

Telephone is Bangkok’s Most Famous Gay Bar

Each table has an old fashioned telephone. This allows clients the chance to flirt with the other patrons without having to get off their bar stool. As you can see in the photo, they throw parties that are very ‘gay’ that pulls in an up-for-it crowd.

  • Location of Telephone:

Raintree Pub

Raintree Pub keeps it old skool. It is a pub lovingly decorated with odd artefacts, driftwood and buffalo heads.

Inside Raintree Pub

Inside Raintree Pub

The pub is located at 116/63-64 Soi Rangnam, off Phahon Yothin Road. They have live bands. It attracts a good mixed crowd of tourists, ex-pats and young Thais.

  • Location of Raintree Pub

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