Siam Niramit Show

Siam Niramit is one of the world’s largest stage shows with a cast of over 100 performers. This award winning show ranks as one of Bangkok’s major attractions. The 2,000 seater theater is filled nightly.

The Theater is is located to the north of the Sukhumvit Road. The closest public transport station is the Thailand Cultural Centre MRT (Metro) Station. It is about a 20 minute walk from the Metro station to Tiamruammit Road where the Theater is located.

Shows start daily at 8pm and run for approximately 80 minutes with no intermission. The cost is 2,000 Thai Baht ($66.7) for ‘Golden Seats’ and 1,500 Thai Baht ($50) for ‘Standard Seats’. For an extra 350 Thai Baht ($11.7) you have a buffet meal of Thai and Western food before the show. Guest reviews suggest the buffet is actually quite good, and beer and wine is on sale.

The doors open at 5.30pm and there are other attractions in the grounds of the theater that are worth visiting. The big attraction is the ‘Village of the Four Regions’ which has examples of wooden homes from the four regions of Thailand. There are performers demonstrating traditional crafts. There are also small shows put on outside, such as dance performances. The children will really enjoy the elephant shows which are put on every night. Elephants rides are available for a small additional cost.

The show itself is split into three distinct acts, each featuring several set changes and numerous special effects. The idea, which they have achieved pretty successfully, is to give an overview of Thai History, culture and spiritualism and demonstrate how beliefs and superstitions play a central role in Thai life – a big task in 80 minutes, and this is how they achieve it:

Act I: Journey Back into History -Depiction of life in Ancient times in each of the four regions of Thailand

Act II: Journey Beyond Imagination – Depictions of the three spiritual realms of ‘Fiery Hell’, ‘Mystical Forest of Himapaan’ and ‘Blissful Heaven’.

Act III: Journey Through Joyous Festivals – Examples of Merit Making festivals re-enacted such as the Loy-Krathong celebration.

If you prefer you can go with a tour to see Siam Niramit. Isango have tours at competitive prices. They pick you up at your hotel at 6pm and bring you back after the show. The tour costs $74. To book or find out more click on the button below.

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