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Review of Onyx

Onyx is one of the best nightclubs in Bangkok. For those not interested in cover bands or DJs playing pop anthems Onyx has become the club of choice for bass heads.

Modern Club in Bangkok

Onyx is a large club. It has the biggest single dance space in Bangkok that can hold 2,500 people. The floor is orientated to face the large DJ booth with a large LED screen behind. It is very much like a club in London or Tokyo.

A Place To Dance

There are some impressive embellishments as well: laser shows, CO2 bombs and confetti drops. This is a club not for the high society folk to sip cocktails and nod to DJ music, rather this is a place for electronic music lovers to thump and pump their way through happy hours listening to big name DJs.

The club is located between Phetchaburi Road and the Sirat Expressway, a short taxi ride from the Sukhumvit Road. See the location map below.

Location of the Onyx Club

  • Address: Royal City Avenue (RCA), Soi Soonvijai, Rama IX Road Bangkapi, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10130
  • Telephone: +66 (0)81 645 1166

Club Information

The club opens at 21.00 and stays open late. Entrance costs 500 Thai Baht with a couple of free drinks. It is not cheap entry and the drinks aren’t cheap, but this is a serious club, not a place for working girls to get a John.

The headline DJs are booked in advance – they get in plenty of local talent as well as international DJs. You can find out who is playing on their website – http://www.onyxbangkok.com/- I note as writing this that Australian duo Slice and Dice are up next. They do a brand of mash up electronica with a theatrical element. They are new and relevant.

As you would expect, the sound system is excellent. Plenty of bass as well as treble clarity. Along with the high ceiling the sound system does justice to the music.


Trip Advisor at the time of writing rated Onyx as the fifty-fourth best night spot in the city. So far nobody has rated the club as ‘poor’ or ‘terrible’. Over time it is certain that the more positive reviews will follow.

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Costs for Hotel Dining in Bangkok

Hotels.com recently conducted a survey of hotel food prices around the world. The survey showed that Bangkok came 24th out of 28 countries for price of food. Only Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and Bogota came out on average cheaper. What does that tell us about food pricing in hotels around the world?

Comparison of average food prices in Hotels around the world

Comparison of average food prices in Hotels around the world

How the Survey was Conducted

The survey covered 28 countries. Capitals or major tourist destinations were chosen for each country. For each country 30 hotels were visited and prices recorded. The hotels ranged from 3 stars to 5 stars. The comparison refers to a burger meal, a glass of red wine, a club sandwich and a cup of coffee. The results have been tabulated and put into Baht by the Bangkok post. See the graphic above.

Hotel Food is Relatively Expensive in Some Countries

The first thing to note is that the table reveals that there is little correlation between the comparative cost of items in a country as a whole and hotels in that country. While Switzerland is notoriously expensive (and is number 1 in the list), India is one of the cheapest countries in the world, and yet its hotel prices are ranked at 20. Indeed, Madrid is a capital in a developed country and yet it is cheaper than Bangkok.

Clearly hotel pricing inhabits its own orbit, not related to the market forces governing food prices outside the hotel doors. It is more likely that hotels, especially chains set prices in relation to its competition and running costs rather than in relation to restaurants in the surrounding area.

Hotel Food is Great Value in Bangkok

For those looking to promote Bangkok hotels (such as the Bangkok Post) the table reveals Bangkok hotels are some of the best value in the world. A similar survey for room prices around the world would reveal a similar result. In particular 3 and 4 star hotels in Bangkok are good value.

This is no doubt connected to supply and demand. In places like Sukhumvit, Silom and even Khao San there are so many hotels to choose from (and so many ways to book online) that price promotions as well as facilities (such as swimming pool, gym and restaurant) are essential to the success of a hotel business. Trip Advisor and its reviews of cleanliness and hotel service also go a long way to making or breaking a hotel.

This view of hotels seeking to maximise profits through comparatively expensive food would also explain the popularity of Japanese cuisine in Bangkok hotels. The Japanese food is trendy in Bangkok, and is perceived as more costly than say Chinese food. So it makes good business sense to give one of the hotel restaurants a Japanese theme.

It is Still Cheaper to Eat Outside Hotels in Bangkok

From a consumer point of view, the table should show that it is always better value to eat outside the hotel. While you take your chances with quality (less so if you study Trip Advisor before dining) you will invariably save money if you don’t eat in the hotel. In a place like Bangkok where it is safe to walk the streets at night and there is an overwhelming profusion of eating options it pays to not eat in the hotel restaurant.

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Bangkok for Kids (Part 2) – Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World
Siam Ocean World is the largest aquarium in South-East Asia covering a staggering 10,000 sqm and with tanks containing over 5 million litres of water. This is a great day out for kids and enjoyable for the rest of the family. The aquarium is located in the main shopping area of Bangkok and works well as a treat in return for the children behaving during a trip around the shops.

Siam Ocean World is located in the basement of Siam Paragon Shopping Centre. It is really easy to get there, being located very close to the Siam BTS (Sky Train) station. The aquarium is open from 9am to 8pm. The entrance fee is 750 Thai Baht ($25) for adults and 600 Thai Bhat ($20) for children 80cm to 120cm tall.

Siam Ocean World is split into 7 sections:

1. Weird & Wonderful – featuring strange sea creatures such as giant spider crabs

2. Deep Reef – 8 metre deep tank replicating a coral reef

3. Living Ocean – Large fish and other aquatic life

4. Rainforest – Tropical fresh water fish and amphibians

5. Rocky shore – Penguins and other semi-aquatic wildlife

6. Open Ocean – Glass tunnels with large fish and sharks, including the rare sand tiger shark

7. Jelly Fish

There are also a number of interactive activities, some at an additional charge.

These interactive activities include a glass bottom boat trip, a shark encounter, diving with sharks and the Ocean Walker Experience which involves diving in a helmet with air pumped from above – just like the old time divers.

For younger children we recommend the back of house tour, where the staff show you what goes into taking care of the fish, the tanks and their breeding programme. Fun and educational. They will also enjoy the 4D cinema and for the very young children there is a singing and dancing show from the cute Siam Ocean World mascots.

For the adults there is also a fish massage pool. What this involves is putting your feet in a big jacuzzi and having small fish bite off the dead skin. A bit weird, but very pleasant once you get used to it.