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RCA in Bangkok

Royal City Avenue, or the RCA as it is known locally, is THE place in Bangkok for young hip Thais to go clubbing. The RCA is located on a Soi called Royal City Avenue which is between the Rama 9 and Ratchadapisek Roads (both of which run parallel to the north of the Sukhumvit Road). It is a collection of bars, clubs, art house cinemas, a bowling club and even a golf driving range, many of which are housed in a single sprawling building. This area has grown in recent years to other nearby buildings.

Mainly popular with Thai university students and young office workers, the RCA is an officially designated ‘nightlife zone’ which means it has later opening hours than many other venues in the city. The downside of this appellation is that it is also highly regulated. You need to bring your passport as there are ID checks for most venues, and if drugs are your thing be careful as the police have being doing raids recently and conducting drug tests on the people on the club. This doesn’t happen frequently, but it does happen.

Places open and close quickly. It is hard to keep track of the venues. This is our list of what is currently there. Apologies if it has changed by the time you get there:

Old Leng: Chinese themed bar with a 1980s cover band (2am closing)

Route 66: Massive four-dance-floor club with a Hip Hop focus (2am closing)

Flix: Electro/House club (2am closing)

Slim: Hip-Hop and RnB club (2am closing)

HOBB: Stands for ‘House Bar of Bangkok’. This is a cool bar with live bands (2am closing)

Ezze: Techno club (2am closing)

The Overtone Music Club: Mini concert hall attracting big name Thai bands (2am closing)

No Space: Avant garde club with Indie Rock bands and art exhibitions at the weekend (open only when events or exhibitions are on).

808: Busiest nightclub in the RCA with electro and house music (3am closing)

Inch: 2,500 person capacity club with 2 dance floors: one for live music, one for Hip-Hop (1am closing)

Jazzit: Thai/Italian nightclub with deep house music (2am closing)

Baroque Club: 3 live bands nightly (2am closing)

Cosmic cafe: Live Indie bands (2am)

This list isn’t exhaustive. It is well worth exploring RCA as you are sure to find something to suit your style of venue and taste in music . The RCA is also home to Bangkok’s only 2 lesbian bars and a go-kart track as well as numerous places to eat. Fun fun fun.

Bangkok Street Food Part 1

If you find yourself wandering down the Sukhumvit Road after midnight in need of a good feed then head down to the street stalls between soi 7 and soi 15. There are lots of options such as noodles, curry and rice dishes or barbeque delights. However, what we suggest, especially if you are in a group, is Dim Jum.

Bangkok street food

Bangkok Street Stalls are lively in the evening

Dim Jum

Dim Jum is a dish with Chinese origins. You will find it in Bangkok and some parts of Northern Thailand. We tried a search on a Google – but nothing came up. This is a real classic and something only the locals know about.

Hot Pot

Dim Jum is a traditional hot pot dish. What you get is a charcoal burner with a pot on top.  The pot is filled with stock which bubbles away. You then order trays of food which you add to the stock and cook for yourself. What you put in is up to you. The selection normally includes noodles, vegetables, offal, fish and chicken. When you think everything is cooked you ladle the soup mixture into individual bowls to eat. The meal can go on as long as you want. You just order more ingredients for the pot if you are still hungry.

Drinking Beer Late Night in Bangkok

An insider’s tip is that they will serve you beer whilst you eat, but only in a plastic cup as it is illegal to sell alcohol after midnight in Thailand without a special license.

Bangkok street food

Eating on the street in Bangkok can be fun

How To Order Dim Jum

The process of ordering Dim Jum can be a bit intimidating if you don’t speak Thai. However, with a bit of patience you can do it. Walk along the street and locate the stalls by looking out for someone else eating the same thing. Order by pointing normally works. The vendors won’t speak much English.

Here are a few basic Thai words to help you on your way:

  • Vegetable = pahk
  • Morning Glory = pahk bong
  • Glass noodle = wun sen
  • Chicken = gai
  • Shrimp or Prawn = gung
  • Water for the pot = nam rawn

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