Train spotting in Bangkok

Thailand is a great place to travel by train and there are lots of opportunities for train spotting in Bangkok. There are many types of tain in operation, from the ultra modern trains used in the sky train network, to the steam trains used on special routes such as the trip from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi.

Hualampong Train Station

Hualamphong Train station is the main train station for Bangkok. It has its own MRT metro stop making it easy to reach. The station itself opened in 1916 designed by Italian architects Mario Tamagio and Annibole Rigotti. The station is in my opinion magnificent, and a visit provides a glimpse of a vibrant slice of Thai life.

The station has 14 platforms with around 130 trains arriving and departing every day. The station is also the terminus for the Eastern & Orient Express plying the route to Singapore.

One of the great features in the station is the massive stain glass window at the end of the platform. Go for a visit even if you aren’t travelling somewhere by train.

Thonburi Railway Station Musuem

Located on the other side of the river from the main train station, this is the place to visit to see steam engines. You can get there by public transport via the Chao Phraya Express boat. Get off at the Railway Station Pier.

You will find this locomotive house near Siriraj Hospital. It is walking distance from the river bank. The museum is on the site of the former Thonburi railway station built in 1900. This station was destroyed during the Second World War, and the Thonburi station was rebuilt 1km to the east in 2003. This new station is the starting point for the line to Kanchaburi.

What remains of the old station is now a storage/maintenance shed for 5 fully functional steam engines owned by the State Railways of Thailand. These magnificent Asian steam engine are still used for special occasions and specific routes. Tourists are more than welcome to visit.

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